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Le Blanc story #3

The folklore states that the expedition was organized in the late 1700s by Napoleon Bonaparte, who needed financing to fund his ambitions. The expedition was reported to have consisted of 300 men and 450 horses. They left New Orleans and traveled through Leavenworth, Kansas en route to the Rocky Mountains. The folklore claims that a large amount of gold was discovered and amassed by the expedition near Wolf Creek Pass. The local Native Americans were reportedly initially friendly, but relations deteriorated. In the folklore, the French buried gold and escaped the area, pursued and hunted by warriors. One survivor by the name of Le Blanc made it back to Kansas. He was the expedition's historian and was reported to have made two maps of the hidden treasure.

A later expedition failed to find the treasure. William Yule, many years later, claimed to possess a copy of the original map and explored the area south and west of the mountain, where Yule Lakes and Yule Creek are named for him. The mountain was named after the legend of the missing treasure.

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